Awasthi Vitality

We use to treat various diseases with some different technique (as available in market). Most common disease we use to treat are… Back Pain (Slipdisc, Sciatica, Lumbago), Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis Knee, Ligament Injury), Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylitis). Less common diseases are… Coccyx Fracture (Coccydynia, Tail Bone Fracture), Calcaneal Spur, Arthritis Any Type (Peri- Arthritis, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc), Avascular Necrosis (AVN) etc.


Awasthi Vitality

Here patient have to visit in our OPD (Out Door Patient) and then according to your OPD number you will treated or examined from our Doctor (you will get full time ask your each and every query) (no appointments are taken on phone, whatsapp, social media) after assessing the patient Doctor will tell you which diagnosis will be done before starting the treatment (depends upon patient to make it or not, but it will affect the treatment directly) each and every details about the treatment will be explained to you in your understandable language.

Then after the full process you can leave with your two months medicine (depend upon which course is going on) along with the Instruction leaflet, after that you can ask general query related to diseases with our executives or junior doctor on phone as told you details while starting the treatment, only first time visitor or patient will be given more time to discuss each and every details, on phone Doctor will only talk to you when there will be emergency or in time given from our side.

Here in our OPD (Out Door Patient) you have to pay consulting charges after every 7 days, and if medicine will be given charges will be separate (depend upon the type of medicine or treatment you are taking).


Awasthi Vitality

In this part we will provide treatment according to you as patient is unable to visit in our OPD (Out Door Department) here we need specific diagnostic according to your disease, you can send all those diagnosis details in our whatsapp number then according to your queue you will get chance to talk to our Doctor (only 2 times Phone call will be done from our side in your given number, if you miss the call, then you have to make payment to consult the Doctor, ask for details)

Note. online part doesn’t include any physical examination due to which treatment result may vary.

Steps For Online Treatment

  1. Send all the recent detailed diagnosis report in our whatsapp number +91 9009230000
  2. You will get a call back from our side within 24-48 hours, in your given number or in whatsapp number when no specific number given from your side (in free consulting part, paid consulting call back time-1 hrs).
  3. Then you are able to talk to Doctor regarding the problem whose report given us from your side (consulting will be done according to diagnosis provided from your side in whatsapp)
  4. Doctor will only talk to patient directly, no detailed explanation given from Doctor to rest of the family member.
  5. Remember that you will get only single chance to talk to Doctor regarding the disease, after that you are not able to talk to Doctor again & again on phone (so please make a list of question you want to ask)
  6. After that you have to decide what you want to do, then only we will send you medicine in your given address.
  7. If it seems lengthy or complicated them Most Welcome to our Location, detailed address with contact number given.

Note. Various process described above may vary time to time. (terms & conditions applied)